Orlando Mathias’ Key Message | KDY19

Over twenty years of experience in the digital sector Orlando is Founding Partner at AllofUs, an experience-design & innovation practice established in 2003. Orlando’s a designer, technologist and innovator. He’s led high profile innovation and transformation projects with clients like Google, XBox and the Science Museum. He’s particularly well known for his expertise leading pioneering projects that bring together the digital and physical worlds. After completing his studies in Fine Art he quickly became consumed by the opportunities that technology had to offer. Being aligned with the innovative design pioneers that emerged in the late 90’s, Orlando became part of the Management team of an awarding winning London design studio Digit.​ Here he worked with numerous clients on a number of high-profile projects for brands such as Sony, Habitat and Nike. Surrounded by a highly creative and diverse team, he set up the R&D department where he encouraged the exploration of integrating the digital world back into physical spaces. A number of award winning projects were developed through this period and become a catalyst for the forming of AllofUs. At AllofUs he is leading many diverse projects where he is helping clients deliver highly technical and innovative solutions often in areas that require technology to be integrated into physical spaces or products that require a digital interaction with the real world. Through his many years of experience and his diverse range of projects, Orlando is ​a champion of Design Thinking, helping the strategy, UX, creative & tech departments work fluidly together, making sure the creative output is always at the highest level of design and innovation.

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