Murthovic & Thiruda

Music Producer, DJ & Visual Artist, VJ

‘Elsewhere in India’ is an internationally touring, audiovisual electronica performance about a future world where global cultures are nearing extinction. We follow a motley crew that connects heritage, science and society in an anthology of stories from future India composed from video games, AI art and classical dance performances. Seeded by British Council’s India/UK Season of Culture 2022-23,  Elsewhere pioneers Indofuturism in world-building through next-gen characters and electro-classical dance music.



Murthovic, a Hyderabad-based electronic music composer, DJ, and sound designer, boasts nearly two decades in the field. Known for the acclaimed dance opera Antariksha Sanchar, he also oversees sound design for Antariksha Studio, producing a video game ‘Antara’ and ‘Elsewhere in India.’ With a background in Western and Indian classical music, Murthovic’s consistent electronic music practice shines through his two-decade presence on the festival and club circuit in India.


Avinash Kumar aka Thiruda is an acclaimed media artist, creative director, and curator, specialising in immersive experiences for electronic music. Co-founder of Quicksand and UnBox Festival, he collaborates with artists, filmmakers, animators, and game developers to showcase an authentic Indian perspective globally. A co-founder of the audio-visual collective BLOT! (2007-2017), Thiruda played a pivotal role in shaping India’s live visuals and electronica scene.


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