Locopopo Designs Festive Packaging for Jack Daniel’s

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Mumbai-based Locopopo design studio kept the festive spirits high during the Diwali season with the design of their limited edition packaging for Jack Daniel’s. The Diwali edition of the iconic whiskey comes with a poster illustrated in founder Lokesh Karekar’s signature style, and is quite a collectible for poster lovers. The artwork of the entire packaging is in gold and black glossy ink, printed on black matt surface. A deck of playing cards—quintessential to any Diwali party—was also part of the package, is a keeper for its playful illustrations even for those who don’t play cards.  “Keeping the 7 Ace at the centre of the composition, we developed a character of Jack No.7 evolving from the world of playing cards,” said Karekar, referring to the name of the brand, Old No: 7, that is printed on the neck and the trunk of a JD bottle, as admirers would know.


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