Dream Creators — Dr Betty Sargeant, PluginHUMAN

Art gets more dreamy, surreal with digital media technology

Digital and new media technology are considered unconventional mediums for creating meaningful art. It demands rigorous study and commitment from the artist. Software languages, data analysis tools and piles of scientific research become the paint and the palette for digital artists like Dr Betty Sargeant, for creating almost magical interactive installations.

Dr Sargeant is one half of the two-people team of PluginHUMAN, a studio that has won several awards for its new media technology art. We had a conversation with Sargeant at the Eye Myth Media Arts Festival 2019 about having strong partnerships in academia, creating climate and eco art using digital media, and about collecting environment data in Varanasi and using it to create an interactive digital installation.

Eye Myth Media Arts Festival is organised by Quicksand studio and UnBox Cultural Futures Society.

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