Believe-makers — Nikhil Joshi, Digital Jalebi

Immersion, virtual worlds and interactive digital exhibits tap into the imagination of people

Not more than a decade ago, the media budget of any brand for digital was a measly percentage, rolling between 0 and 1. Today that number is at 20, 30 or even 40 per cent, and is still nibbling into the budget of traditional media. At the end of the decade, digital medium is divided into categories: the more traditional mobile phone technology, and the rather experimental, ‘immersion’, a term used to refer to the act of completely immersing into the virtual world .

While many studios and all agencies provide services for the traditional digital needs of a brand, only a handful Indian studios, like Digital Jalebi, have the technical expertise to tap into the undiscovered potential of immersive technology. Nikhil Joshi, the co-founder of the studio, flew in from Delhi to present at the opening session of the conference at the Eye Myth Media Arts Festival 2019, Mumbai, and showed how the brands are tapping into the potential of this technology. We caught up with Joshi at the festival and talked about the enthusiasm and insecurities that brands in India have about immersive technology.

Eye Myth Media Arts Festival is organised by Quicksand studio and UnBox Cultural Futures Society.

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