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The Acid House
Co-founders. The Acid House. Phillipines

Ivan Despi& Pauline Despi

The Acid House is a design-driven studio with strengths in animation, illustration & motion graphics.

With a decade of working in Manila’s broadcast design industry, the studio has developed their abilities in¬†moving imagery by creating design solutions for clients that include Coca-Cola, MTV, Nickelodeon, CBeebies,¬†McDonald’s, Corona Beer, Asahi Beer, Tiger Beer, General Electronics, ABS-CBN/ANC, Rappler and San Miguel¬†to name a few.

Their work has won a number of awards, including a Silver world medal from the New York Festivals (2014) for their titling work on the political documentary Agosto Beinte-Uno: Ang Pagpatay kay Ninoy Aquino. The Acid House is lead by co-founders and creative directors Ivan and Pauline Despi, whose works as video artists has been exhibited in festivals in Manila, Brussels, Beijing, Taipei, Darwin (Australia) & San Francisco.

They are also starting to create content & jump-start design initiatives, still with the intent of delivering their¬†own Filipino brand of imagination to the world stage.¬†With this development, the Acid House, along with four local design studios from Manila, have founded Hydra¬†Design Group, a ‘creative collective’ that aims to make a broader design statement in the industry, locally and¬†internationally.

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