Roland Van Kralingen
Partner & Founder. INNOA.
Roland van Kralingen is Sage Partners’ subject matter expert in marketing. He is involved in many branding and positioning projects in Europe, where he is recognized as a key contributor to the marketing profession. After earning his MBA, Roland started his career at the advertising agency TBWA International. While at TBWA, Roland served as a consultant for a number of large international brand companies. He started the TBWA companies in the Netherlands, Spain, and Japan. In 1986, he was appointed to the governing board of TBWA International. After the sale of TBWA to BBDO in 1992, Roland started The Positioning Group, serving an international customer base concerned with product positioning and innovation challenges. In 2006, Roland and his son Rogier founded the consultancy firm INNOA, operating out of a beautiful historic church in Amsterdam and serving clients across Europe. Most recently he has launched the Marketing Fund, acting the CMO for client companies. Roland is senior fellow at the University of Groningen and guest lecturer at the Nyenrode University and Erasmus University Business School. He has written a number of books on innovation and branding, listed below. Roland’s favourite saying is: “Fortune favours the bold.” Books by Roland van Kralingen: Superbrands | Make Dust or Eat Dust | The Transparent World | Brandworld: Rethinking Branding | The Growth Engine

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