Rob Wagemans
Founder, Architect & Creative Director
Rob Wagemans has demonstrated to be an innate revolutionary, progressive designer and architect, with a profound desire to create structures of modern sustainability of his time. And at the heart of each architectural aptitude is one (fairly simple) material: concrete. Wagemans has certainly stamped his mark on the world with clever permanence. Located in Amsterdam, is his multi-branch firm, Concrete with a diverse team of architects, graphic designers, interior designers, and visual marketers in all aspects of unconventional design and architecture: Concrete Interiors, Concrete Architecture, Concrete Tomorrow, Concrete Today, and Concrete Heritage. As private and public spaces morph to meet the altering needs of savvy generations—creative minds who are driven to think, draw, and explore outside the box—Wagemans seeks both ingenuity and timelessness in his urban structures. This concept of a lasting, functional space where like-minded individuals can commune, feel comfortable, and remain inspired without burning a hole in their pocket, is what sets Wagemans apart. Different is essential to evolution. Different is good.