Priyanka Jain

3x3 Design

Priyanka Jain is a co-founder and environments design director at 3×3 Design, a social innovation consultancy based in New York and New Delhi that works at the intersection of urban planning, design and technology. Her work focuses on redevelopment in informal settlements, urban design, cultural programming and experiential spatial design. She has written on innovative and scalable working solutions for Delhi’s urban poverty for, a Dallant Networks and the Ford Foundation project and coordinated series of talks at Tambutalks, an initiative to seed discussions on informality and build public momentum towards the creation of socially inclusive and innovative cities. Currently Priyanka serves as a core member of the Mehrauli Collective, a research initiative on urban renewal within a historical perspective. The inquiry is directed at present towards holding of a four-week long workshop in Mehrauli, one of the most historic precinct of Delhi.

Priyanka has lectured at Asian University for Women (Bangladesh), Ansal University (Gurgaon) and Columbia University (New York) and her work and writing has been featured in various magazines and platforms such as Journal of Landscape Architecture, DesignxDesign, Studio X Rio, Revolution by Design, Reinventing Dharavi and Architecture and Society. She has worked in various global settings including New Delhi, Rio de Janeiro, Istanbul and New York City. Specifically, she worked for New York City’s Department of City Planning and the Technological Change Lab at Columbia University. Her work at Abaxial Architects involved a range of projects, from the spatial planning of housing and commercial developments to the design development of bioclimatic buildings and workplaces across India. Priyanka holds a MS in Urban Planning from Columbia University where she won the Kinne Grant for research and received her Bachelors in Architecture from Sushant School of Art and Architecture.

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