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NB Studio

Nick and Alan are award-winning designers and creative partners at NB. What drives them is not doing things the way the rest of the world does and they can often be heard asking “What if…?” They share a design sensibility that brought them together at Pentagram in 1992, as well as a love for stepping out of their comfort zone.

NB works with banks, household brands and game-changing start-ups. These include Pernod-Ricard, Sainsbury’s, Almeida Theatre, Aspall’s Cyder, V&A, Museum of London, John Lewis and Mothercare.

‘Creative Courage’ has become NB’s mantra; a rallying cry, a touchstone, a catalyst. When people have it, they’re bold, they try new things, come up with wild ideas, create a positive atmosphere and make electrifying connections.

What: NB get quickly to the heart of an organisation and are never afraid to challenge the things it finds. The aim is to create distinctive ideas that help people consider, enjoy and even fall in love with brands.

Who: Just twelve people. NB recruits and develops the finest creative talent in London, then works with its heroes to provide solutions that are both effective and beautiful.

Where: London based with a global outlook.

How: For NB, ideas don’t exist in a vacuum; you have to share them, kick them around, mull them over, dissect, resurrect, flip them and reverse them. After that, it’s all about clear thinking and crafted expression.

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Aakriti Kumar

Furniture Designer, Differniture

Ada Sokół

Artist, Designer

Anna Ginsburg


Anthony Burrill

Graphic Artist, Print Maker & Designer

Arunima Sen

Student, Innovator

Ayaz Basrai

Co-Founder, The Busride Studio

David Carson

Graphic Designer, David Carson Design

dina Amin

Product Designer & Founder, Tinker Studio

James Jirat Patradoon

Visual Artist, Illustrator

Joost Korngold

Visual Designer & Art Director, Renascent / Google Daydream

Julia Rijssenbeek

Futurist, FreedomLab

Kelli Anderson

Designer, Artist

Madhav Lavakare

Social Entrepreneur, Innovator

Marian Bantjes

Designer, Typographer, Illustrator & Writer

Marjan van Aubel

Solar Designer,

Nikoline Dyrup Carlsen

Architect MAA & Founding Partner, Spacon & X

Orlando Mathias

Co-Founder, AllOfUs

Pablo Barquin & Anna Diaz

Directors, Inventors & Visual Artists, Hamill Industries

Paul Sahre

Graphic Designer,

Richard Roberts

Managing & Design Director, Jason Bruges Studio

Saiman Chow

Illustrator, Designer, Artist, Director, Animator

Stefan Hürlemann

Graphic Designer, Typographer

Tej Chauhan

Industrial Designer, Tej Chauhan Ltd.

Thomas Harnett O’Meara

Animation Director,

Timothy Goodman

Designer, Illustrator, Muralist, Author


Harsh Purohit

Founder, Director, Cognito India

Vineeth Vincent

Beatboxer, Emcee, Entrepreneur