Koen Van Ovoorde
Owner. ADDIKT.
Koen is the Owner of Addikt, which since 1997 have been at the head of the pack – evolving with technologies, platforms and user habits that make up what cannot just be defined as the digital age. This, today is the age of connectivity. Connectivity is more than just the internet, mobile phones or social media. It is an age where users are connected by brands, where religions are connected by music, where languages are connected by images and other increasingly interwoven ways we have yet to even realize. With offices in Amsterdam & Mumbai we partner clients in delivering solutions that help connect with audiences using an array of digital story-telling and user engagement technologies and platforms. They do not have a formula, instead are a team of strategist, designers and engineers but all of them are story-tellers, working together in synergy from start to end delivering innovative and actionable solutions for clients that live beyond geographies.

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