Itu Chaudhuri
Founder. Itu Chaudhuri Design.
Itu Chaudhuri of Itu Chaudhuri Design studied architecture and switched to graphic design to follow his passion. Itu Chaudhuri Design, run along with partner Lisa Rath, which has played a part in Indian design through design consulting that provides insightful solutions. Itu Chaudhuri took a bachelor’s degree in Architecture in 1984, before instantly retiring from that profession to pursue a career in the communication design area. Since 1984, Itu’s career has given him across a rich set of experiences. He has served as production designer for a television series, worked as one of India’s first designers for television in the news and current affairs space in the 1980s, during the nascent days of private Indian television. In the early 1990s Itu conceived and created the country’s first electronically distributed service to create and distribute syndicated ready-to-print current affairs graphics to 70+ client newspapers, using public telephone networks well before e-mail and the web came to India. Itu’s work has been covered in design magazines and national newspapers, and in World Graphic Design (Merrel, 2003). He has also been visiting faculty at the National Institute of Design, and consulted with UCLA Arts, Los Angeles on curriculum development. Itu won a National Award for Excellence in Illustration while still a student in 1980.

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