Let’s come together and Huddle

Fortnightly Instagram takeover by the best of the best creative minds

Have you been missing engaging with creative powerhouses, and design events and workshops that set off a zillion ideas pounding in your head? You are not alone. Your favourite designers have also been missing your infectious energy. So, let’s come together and Huddle.

Every fortnight, at designyatra.com, we do what we do best—get our creative icons to take over our Instagram to talk about anything they want, and to answer any question that you want.

“Et tu designyatra?”

Before you ask, no, this is not a webinar. We have attended many of those coma-inducing webinars and we won’t put you through one. Nor are these interviews that we are calling ‘conversations’. The only sure thing about Huddle is that it will be new every time—a workshop, a studio tour, a rant, failed projects, creative partnerships, oddities and quirks—we leave it to the individual we invite, step back and stand with you.

Starting 11th July, every fifteen days, our Instagram is theirs. Every fifteen days, we come together for a Huddle.




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