The Acid House
The Acid House

Ivan Despi& Pauline Despi

The Acid House is a design-driven studio with strengths in animation, illustration & motion graphics.

With a decade of working in Manila’s broadcast design industry, the studio has developed their abilities in moving imagery by creating design solutions for clients that include Coca-Cola, MTV, Nickelodeon, CBeebies, McDonald’s, Corona Beer, Asahi Beer, Tiger Beer, General Electronics, ABS-CBN/ANC, Rappler and San Miguel to name a few.

Their work has won a number of awards, including a Silver world medal from the New York Festivals (2014) for their titling work on the political documentary Agosto Beinte-Uno: Ang Pagpatay kay Ninoy Aquino. The Acid House is lead by co-founders and creative directors Ivan and Pauline Despi, whose works as video artists has been exhibited in festivals in Manila, Brussels, Beijing, Taipei, Darwin (Australia) & San Francisco.

They are also starting to create content & jump-start design initiatives, still with the intent of delivering their own Filipino brand of imagination to the world stage. With this development, the Acid House, along with four local design studios from Manila, have founded Hydra Design Group, a ‘creative collective’ that aims to make a broader design statement in the industry, locally and internationally.

Alastair Leith

Design Director, Made Thought

Alex Daly

Founder, Vann Alexandra

Avinash Kumar

Co-founder, BLOT!

Ayappa KM

Co-founder, Early Man Film

Greg Quinton

Executive Creative Director, The Partners

Handsome Frank

Founder, Handsome Frank

Jon Marshall

Co-Founder & Creative Director, MAP

Kate Dawkins

Founder & Director, Kate Dawkins Studio


Co-founders and Design Directors, Machineast

Manoj Pandey

Writer & Illustrator,

Michael Johnson

Founder, Johnson Banks

Michael Wolff

Founder, Michael Wolff & Co.

NB Studio

Creative Partners, NB Studio

Priyanka Jain

Co-founder, 3x3 Design

Prukalpa Sankar

Co-founder, SocialCops


Actors & Trainers, React

Ronald van Schaik

Founder, Kaliber Interactive

Sebastián Padilla

Founding Partner, Anagrama

Singgih Susilo Kartono

Founder & Designer, Magno Design

Vorathit (Tap) Kruavanichkit

Creative Director, Farmgroup

The Acid House

Co-founders, The Acid House

Tony Davidson

Global Partner, Wieden + Kennedy

Yantra Design Studio

Co-founders, Yantra Design Studio

Yuko Shimizu



Vineeth Vincent

Founder, The Meditating Monkeys, Musical Cubicle and SideStep