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Nick and Alan are award-winning designers and creative partners at NB. What drives them is not doing things the way the rest of the world does and they can often be heard asking “What if…?” They share a design sensibility that brought them together at Pentagram in 1992, as well as a love for stepping out of their comfort zone.

NB works with banks, household brands and game-changing start-ups. These include Pernod-Ricard, Sainsbury’s, Almeida Theatre, Aspall’s Cyder, V&A, Museum of London, John Lewis and Mothercare.

‘Creative Courage’ has become NB’s mantra; a rallying cry, a touchstone, a catalyst. When people have it, they’re bold, they try new things, come up with wild ideas, create a positive atmosphere and make electrifying connections.

What: NB get quickly to the heart of an organisation and are never afraid to challenge the things it finds. The aim is to create distinctive ideas that help people consider, enjoy and even fall in love with brands.

Who: Just twelve people. NB recruits and develops the finest creative talent in London, then works with its heroes to provide solutions that are both effective and beautiful.

Where: London based with a global outlook.

How: For NB, ideas don’t exist in a vacuum; you have to share them, kick them around, mull them over, dissect, resurrect, flip them and reverse them. After that, it’s all about clear thinking and crafted expression.

Alastair Leith

Design Director, Made Thought

Alex Daly

Founder, Vann Alexandra

Avinash Kumar

Co-founder, BLOT!

Ayappa KM

Co-founder, Early Man Film

Greg Quinton

Executive Creative Director, The Partners

Handsome Frank

Founder, Handsome Frank

Jon Marshall

Co-Founder & Creative Director, MAP

Kate Dawkins

Founder & Director, Kate Dawkins Studio


Co-founders and Design Directors, Machineast

Manoj Pandey

Writer & Illustrator,

Michael Johnson

Founder, Johnson Banks

Michael Wolff

Founder, Michael Wolff & Co.

NB Studio

Creative Partners, NB Studio

Priyanka Jain

Co-founder, 3x3 Design

Prukalpa Sankar

Co-founder, SocialCops


Actors & Trainers, React

Ronald van Schaik

Founder, Kaliber Interactive

Sebastián Padilla

Founding Partner, Anagrama

Singgih Susilo Kartono

Founder & Designer, Magno Design

Vorathit (Tap) Kruavanichkit

Creative Director, Farmgroup

The Acid House

Co-founders, The Acid House

Tony Davidson

Global Partner, Wieden + Kennedy

Yantra Design Studio

Co-founders, Yantra Design Studio

Yuko Shimizu

Illustrator, yukoart.com


Vineeth Vincent

Founder, The Meditating Monkeys, Musical Cubicle and SideStep