Janardan Prasad
Co-Founder and COO

Janardan is an entrepreneur who loves improving traffic conditions for living and improving his tennis skills for recreation. His passion for tennis and traffic both started in his college days at IIT Kanpur. Immediately after graduation he joined Media Labs Asia and tried his creative skills in making animation films and computer games to make education interesting for rural kids who didn’t have access to quality education. He is still trying to make things better for underprivileged kids in his free time volunteering with an NGO (www.vibha.org). During his IT career he worked in North America working with Financial Clients helping them build better Payment Solutions, but his passion for traffic pulled him back to India where traffic situation is getting worst day by day. Here he patented few of his ideas and entered into the world of entrepreneurship, year later he co-founded www.autowale.in along with with batchmate, Mukesh Jha. Autowale has been innovating by using existing infrastructure and resources to solve the big commute problem in Urban India, for which it company been featured by national and International media including New York Times and Forbes. Janardan has also been listed by FastCompany as Most Creative people in Business 2015 for solving the rickshaw hailing problem in India.

Janardan is married to Dr. Shalini Saxena, PhD from IIT Delhi and PostDoc from MGH & Harvard Medical School, who’s currently enjoying quality time with her 1 year old daughter Aarya.

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