Daan Lucas
Random Studio

Daan Lucas (1974) is the founder of Random Studio.

Always had an enormous drive to be part of an organisation that would evoke curiosity, surprise people, create a context that would hold invitation to let one self go.. So…After studying law I wanted to move into the creative field.

I started to organise parties that were decorated and orchestrated in unexpected ways. Our dj was a slightly odd record collector, playing the weirdest tracks that did not always sit well with our audience but at least moved them in some way.

My interest in graphic design led me to start Circus with a friend. After a few years I started to become fascinated about the online world and it’s interactive possibilities. Random was born from that.

Random these days is an interactive design studio. With our work we create a context for a dialogue, a context that evokes curiosity and wonder. A play field that moves people, invites to create and opens new worlds.

In the meantime, I got married to a darling of a wife and became father of two sons. A wonderful journey.


1985-1989 VWO ignatius college Purmerend

1989-1990 Exchange student to USA, New Mexico

1991-1992 graduated Pre college education (VWO ignatius college)

1993-1995 Law at the university of Amsterdam (graduated in 1995 – master of law)

1996-1997 full time at advertising agency Hot DNA

1998-1999 Design and concept at SAE

2000-2001 Hello academy ( advertising school, private institute Amsterdam)

2001-2002 Founded a company called the Sambassade, organising of extravagant dance parties

2002-2004 Founder / Partner of design / motion agency “Circus”

2005-now Founder / partner Random Studio

Armin Vit

Co-founder, Underconsideration llc.

Jessica Walsh

Partner, Sagmeister & Walsh

Jon Wilkins

Chairman, Karmarama

Karen Welman

Founding Partner & Chief Creative Officer, Pearlfisher

Malika Favre

Illustrator, Malika Favre

Max Weisel

Innovator, Max Weisel

Stuart Radford

Lead Designer, The Partners

Tnop Wangsillapakun

Founder and Design Director, TNOP™ DESIGN


Kevin Finn

Creative Director, The SumOf

Laura Jordan Bambach

Creative Partner, Mr President