Ashwini Asokan
Co-Founder and CEO
Mad Street Den

Ashwini Asokan is bringing the power of Artificial Intelligence to every mobile user. She along with her husband Anand has set up Mad Street Den in August 2013 with an initial capital of $50,000. How technology can be used by people is something that always fascinated Ashwini.

An artist at heart, Ashwini, armed with a Masters in Design from Carnegie Mellon University was leading the mobile innovation team at Intels Interaction and Experience Research Lab (IXR) in the USA. She spent 10 years in California working on how cutting edge technology can be useful to people. Ashwini quit her job at Intel only in May 2014 to work full time with Mad Street Den. At the heart of the startup is a cloud-based platform, MADstack, which can be incorporated into applications under development or even existing products, which need a dose of artificial intelligence. Which makes a mobile phone camera harness to detect different parts of your face, picking up on gestures like moving your head from side to side and even expressions and emotions.

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