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Ronald van Schaik
Founder. Kaliber Interactive. The Netherlands

Ronald is the founder of Kaliber Interactive. An innovative digital agency, based in The Netherlands. Kaliber Interactive embraces strategy, creativity and technology to create interactive experiences for web, mobile and physical spaces. Ronald has a strong desire but not enough talent to be a genuine virtuoso or wizard. Therefore he gathered 40 smart people around him to make a little contribution to shaping this brave new world.

People at Kaliber Interactive are blessed with a quality they call “Ontdekkingsdrift”. It’s a Dutch word (they invented themselves) to express the urge to discover the unknown. In their Innovation Lab they experiment with crossovers between the physical and the digital, art and gaming, health and well-being. To do good, to have fun, but above all to learn and really understand the challenges and opportunities for brands in this interactive era.

In their Innovation Lab they created an interactive skatepark, a twitter connected hiphop-Buddha, an alarm clock that only can be stopped by smiling at it, a game helping children suffering from cancer to eat healthier and other experiments.

Besides being the owner of Kaliber and proud father of two sons, Ronald is one of the Innovation judges of the prestigious Dutch Spinawards, co-founder of the creative conference The Kick and founding father of TEDxUtrecht.

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