Prasanna Sankhé

Founder & Creative Head
Prasanna Sankhé, distinction alumni of Sir JJ school of Arts, became the youngest National Creative Director in India when he took up the advertising job at Publicis in India; even so, design has always been his first love. His natural inclination in architecture bore fruit in his interest and expression of Retail design. He was one of the pioneers in India, adapting the Retail design experience early on, when he designed the flagship branch and retail experience of all YESBANK Branches in 2005. He was also responsible for the Retail Design of such brands as Orra Diamonds and Lee Jeans, which was also showcased at D&AD. His second birth in Brand Design space with his independent Agency, HYPHEN, has seen him getting involved in cutting edge projects like creating brand extension from scratch or designing brand engagement for major established brands. Known as the inventor/designer of the internationally popular ‘Ish’ watch/Indian stretchable time watch, He is the first to design an Indian cheque instrument with a typographic visual on it. He is also the first designer to execute a corporate art installation in India for INDIABULLS – ‘The Rising’, which has already won him a coveted Design Grand Prix. Apart from the numerous International and National Awards that he has won, his work is also featured in all the top magazines and editorials around the world. Amidst all this he still finds the time to impart as much knowledge as he can, to the students of leading design institutes in India.

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