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Co-founders and Design Directors. Machineast. Singapore

Rezaliando and Fizah Rahim are both co-founders and design directors for Machineast, a creative studio based in Singapore that believes in creating rich visual aesthetics for 3D illustration, typography, and design. With over a decade of experience in design and motion graphics, Machineast’s work has been featured in many art and design publications and online media worldwide.


Rezaliando grew up heavily inspired by music in particular drums and rock and roll, which becomes natural elements in his dynamic camera movements as well as creating motion graphics with precision timing. Rezaliando has worked as an Art Director for various motion graphic studios which have high profile clients such as Ubisoft, Disney, Nickelodeon, ESPN, Ministry of Sound, Razer, Canon, and MTV. He has been invited to conduct workshops across the region and was part of a team of top international designers behind Project 2501, the homage to “Ghost in the Shell” alongside his partner Fizah Rahim. He sees education as a way to give back to the community, and that is why he became the Program Director of Motion & Graphic design at 3dsense Media School.

Fizah Rahim

Fizah Rahim grew up watching animated title sequences and music videos which influenced her colour palette in her designs today. Similar to her partner, she also worked as an Art Director for various boutique motion graphic studios before opening up Machineast. Fizah’s clientele include some of the world’s great channels and brands such as Nike, IBM, Ubisoft, ESPN, FOX Sports, HBO, BBC, Disney, and TIME magazine. Fizah has collected Promax/BDA World Gold Awards for Animax Pupil music video as well as Finalist for New York Festivals for her notable work on Astro Hitz Lightbulb.

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