Lydia Winters
Brand Director
Lydia Winters is Mojang’s Brand Director, leading the direction and usage of one of the most recognizable brands today, Minecraft. Working with Mojang’s Art Director she also heads up licensing for all Minecraft merchandise, worldwide. She works closely with many large projects using the Minecraft brand, including museums and charities. She is also involved in Mojang’s joint programme with UN Habitat, Block by Block, which takes her on travels visiting many of the sites of projects using Minecraft to affect change and redesign public space in developing areas around the world. Starting as a media creator in photography then on YouTube with her Minecraftchick channel, Lydia moved into a role at Mojang working with the community and hosting Minecraft’s annual convention, MINECON. Through her work with the brand she quickly transitioned into a role taking charge of all branding around the game. She continues to host MINECON and speak at many conferences and events, worldwide.