Lies Willers
Opera Amsterdam

Lies Willer specializes in creating communicative spaces, permanent or temporary, in practically every possible cultural or commercial context by incorporating an intergrated approach to design.

OPERA works in a broad range of projects. Their portfolio contains several large-scale museum interiors and major exhibition designs. These projects are balanced by more personal design commissions for the homes of private clients and conceptual proposals for offi ce and retail environments. Apart from working for Dutch clients, Opera has a continuous presence in the UK: V&A, Hampton Court Palace, Kensington Palace, British Library, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Natural History Museum, and Manchester Museum. Other projects include collaborative works with London and Boston-based architects on projects in Abu Dhabi, The National Museum of Denmark and the Museum of World Cultures in Göteborg, Sweden. Lies was a visiting professor at several Academies of Fine Arts, joined the supervisory board of the Business Organization of Dutch Designers and the advisory board of the Utrecht School of the Arts.