Josy Paul
Chairman and National Creative Director
BBDO India

I was born during an earthquake. I have a permanent tremor. Which is how I got my first job. I was being interviewed by the then national creative director of Ogilvy. Noticing my tremor, he told me not to be nervous. I explained that I wasn’t scared of him, and that it is ‘creative vibrance’. He was so amused he gave me the job. That was the kindness of the late Suresh Mullick, a great creative soul. He taught me to look for the best in a person, and give everybody a chance. When I met Suresh I had already lost two jobs in a span of two months. The first because I back-answered the boss. The second, because my boss did not like the way I looked at him. But Suresh gave me hope, and taught me to believe in myself. Thanks to people like Suresh, and the amazing friends I made along the way, I have so many exciting stories and campaigns to share. Starting from when I left St Xavier’s College Bombay with a degree in Physics Winding my way through agencies like Ogilvy and Lowe Lintas; To setting up rmg david, the smallest worldwide agency; To being the NCD of JWT; And then four years ago, when I set up BBDO from the backseat of my car. The agency was built on the belief that India needs more ‘acts, not ads’. What followed were action oriented ideas for some of the biggest brands in the world. Transformational work that helped grow brand sales and market share. Ideas that are being recognized at Cannes, Effies and other global award shows. Last year, we won the world’s first Black Lion at Cannes for Creative-Effectiveness. And we were among the toppers at Cannes and Spikes Asia. I look at these recognition as gifts given to us by generous people like Suresh Mullick. I realize these gifts multiply when we pass it on. So I come to Kyoorius DesignYatra bearing these gifts, to do what Suresh Mullick taught me to do. Thank you Mullick saab.