Bas Van Der Veer
Owner & Designer
Studio Bas Van Der Veer
Studio Bas van der Veer is passionate about designing clever consumer products. Combining fun & functionality is a key value while creating smart products that are enjoyable to use, have an easthetic quality and bring a smile to people’s faces. Studio Bas van der Veer works as an autonomous design studio, but loves to join forces with other companies to exchange knowledge and to realise interesting and innovative projects together. Bas van der Veer was born in a small Frisian village called Jorwerd in 1985. Being the son of a photographer and a costume designer, it was no surprise that Bas had creative ambitions and after finishing the Gymnasium at the Magister Alvinus Sneek and a year at the Vrije Hogeschool Driebergen, he soon found his way to the prestigious Design Academy Eindhoven. When Bas van der Veer graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven, his graduation projects were the winner of the René Smeets Award, the annual academy award for the best and most professional graduation project and were shortlisted for several other design awards, among which the Melkwegprijs, the award for the most original and authentic graduation work.